Distance (From Ooty): 16 Kms
Commonly Visited From: Ooty
Trip Duration (From Ooty, Including Travel): 1-2 Hours
Place Location: On The Way To Pykara
Transportation Options: Cab / Auto
Travel Tips: 1. Pykara Dam (12 Kms ahead) can be visited along with this place
2. Kamaraj Sagar/ Sandyanalla Reservoir (2 Kms) can be visited along with this place
At a distance of 16 Kms from Ooty (on way to Pykara), Wenlock Downs is a vast Expanse of grassy meadow and is a favorite picnic spot from Ooty. This is one of the most scenic places best hotel in Ooty and also one of the best Ooty tourist places. Along with Ooty Lake, this place is most commonly presented for Ooty Tourism.

The downs spread majestically across 20,000 acres of rolling lands that seems to be stretching endlessly. The journey from Ooty to Wenlock Downs takes one to the most serene excursions from Ooty. The Wenlock Downs are perfect for walking and hiking amidst this elegant landscape. The peak offers breathtaking views of the Nilgirs and one of the best places to watch the nature of Ooty.

The place houses a Gymkhana club, Hindustan Photo Films Factory and the Golf Club. A Government Sheep Farm is also located nearby.

The view of a lake (formed by backwaters of Pykara) from Wenlock Downs peak is very scenic. This place is usally visited while going to Pykara with 30 minutes – 1 Hr of additional effort.

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